Investment Show

We employ a global multi-strategy investment approach, opportunistically engaging in a broad array of trading and investing strategies across a wide group of diversified managers.

Our specialized divisions have built and continually evolve our core infrastructure platform. This enables our trading teams to independently pursue unique investment strategies within one centrally-driven risk and operational framework.

MillionNabob has differentiated itself from other alternative investment management company through our consistent ability to generate high quality returns for our investors.

MillionNabob’s unique framework has created what we believe to be a sustainable and scalable organization aligned in partnership with our investors. Our dedication to our mission has defined MillionNabob as an industry leader over our 15-year history.

Entertainment Gambling


MillionNabob holds a number of casinos in Cambodia, holding Vietnam's Halong Bay Royal Casino and South Korea Jeju Island Ramada Casino business.

Halong Royal Casino is MillionNabob in Vietnam's second well-built new Times Square landmark, is a set of entertainment gambling, light and shadow performances, food and beverage, five-star hotel in an integrated casino.

MillionNabob in Sihanouk holding a number of casinos, not only in the traditional business profitable, operating online gaming business is to occupy the Southeast Asian online gaming industry more than 6 percent of the market share.

MillionNabob holds Jeju Island Ramada casino business, in order to open up the Northeast Asian entertainment gambling business to prepare.

Real Estate Development


MillionNabob real estate focus on the development strategy of the city circle, to internationalization for the long-term development strategy, continue to focus on overseas market investment opportunities. At present, MillionNabob Group will focus on the development of real estate in Southeast Asia in Cambodia. MillionNabob real estate to participate in the development and construction of Cambodia Jinyinwan International Tourism Resort Development Zone, with a total construction capacity of 7 million square meters, can accommodate 65,000 people, a total investment of 5 billion US dollars. Is an international forest resort with the characteristics of environmental protection, tourism, tourism, ecological experience, leisure, integrated entertainment, high-end sports, conference and exhibition, commercial and financial in one of the international forest resort. In addition, by the MillionNabob real estate development and construction of Cambodia Jinyinwan, Vietnam Halong Bay and other real estate projects are also in progress.

International Tourism


Group's tour of Yuanyou travel strong docking the Chinese market, VIP customers to provide high-end travel services. Yueyou travel has now developed into a comprehensive large-scale international travel agency, which integrates inbound and outbound tourism, domestic travel, business travel, conference, visa certification agency, air ticket industry and industry.

International Hotel


MillionNabob International Hotel is the world's leading hotel management company. The Group relies on its MillionNabob International Hotel and Yue You Travel, focusing on high-end business services, providing conference marketing, business housekeeper and other business services. Through the mobile network technology means, the world's major airports and high-end hotel, to provide business travelers, hotel accommodation, entertainment and other one-stop shopping convenience services. So that customers experience the special VIP courtesy, enjoy the distinguished travel business travelers.